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Imagica The World Best Popular Family Theme Park

Imagica The World Best Popular Family Theme Park

Imagica Theme Park

 Imagica Theme Park Details

Imagica Theme park location is Khalapur in Maharashtra India.This Imagica Park is daily estimated15000 visitor.largest land in Imagica Theam Park.
Imagica Theme Park on The World biggest theme park in include best 3 type rides,fast rides is Family Rides,second Kid's Rides and last Thrills Rides.

1.Family Rides
                              Family Rides include 14 types rides is 1.Allibaba Aur Chalis Chor, 2.Bump It Boats,3.Prince of The Dark Water (Chinama 360), 4.I For India (witness the magnificence of india in a unique flying experience), 5.Mambo Chai Chama (crazy tea cup), 6.Motion Box Theatre (the thrill of stereoscopic 4d best effects), 7.Mr.India (mr.india in best along with immersive motion include in best simulation technology), 8.Rajasaurus River Adventure, 9.Salimgarh (salimgarh is haunted fortress it is dangerous secrets ), 10.Save The Pirate (save the pirate in row your pirate friend boat),
11.Splash Ahoy (splash ahoy in water battle and water guns), 12.The Detective Bow Wow Show (the detective bow wow show join in an international police working), 13 Tubby Take Off (tubby take off in fun merry go round its is special rides), and 14.Wrath of The Gods (elemental furious with humans cause in this best special effects show).
2.Kid's Rides
                              Kid's Rides include great 5 type rides is 1.Happy Wheelss (it is fun driving for kid's best school),2.Humpty's Fall (it is mini drop rides and best evergreen for kids rides),3.Loch Ness Expplorers,4.The Magic Carouse and 5.Wagon O O Wheel (kid's for round round great farris wheel for kid's).

3.Thrill Rides
                              Thrill Rides is craziest,meanest,spine,chilling and heart thumping best include great 5 type rides.1.Dare to Drop (dare to drop is shoot to the sky with this great double shot n drop), 2.Deep Space, 3.Gold Rush Expess (the wild west on a family best round roller train in gold rush express), 4.Nitro (the indian biggest great rides) and 5.Scream Machine (the world biggest and great heart thumping rides for scream machine).

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