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Lonavala Best Popular Place

Lonavala Best Popular Place

Lonavala Best Popular Place

Lonava best top 7 popular place  is Rajmachi Point ,Valvan Dam ,Karla Caves, Lonavala Lake ,Bhushi Dam ,Tungarli Lake ,Wax Museum.

Nearest Tourist Spots
Lonavala is a perfect abode for vacationers. Nearest tourist attractions include:

1.Rajamaachi Point
Located 10 km away from Lonavala, the Rajmachi Fort on the fourth is deep forests on three sides with dense forest. Shrivardhan and entertainment are two small fortresses located near this historical monument.

2.Burn Dam
There is a garden near the Valavan Dam, and there is a popular evening at 2 km from Lonavla.

3. Carla Caves
Like carla and bhaga caves, sisters are caves because most tourists visit them both in a single day because they are less than 10 km. Carla caves are also of Buddhist origin and look like them

4. Lonavala Lake
Lonavala Lake is located on the outskirts, 1.6 km from the city. It is popularly known as the monsoon lake, because it is filled with water during the monsoon months and dries in the winter season. Various species of birds and organisms can be seen on the banks of the lake.
In addition, visitors visit here to see the holidays and excursions, swimming, fishing and nature.

5.Blue Dam
The most famous place in Lonavala is Bhusi Fence which is located a few kilometers from Lonavala Railway Station. The terrain and water are made for a fun combination, and that is why the Bhooti Band Jam is packed during the holidays along with the weekends.

6. Tungari Lake
A famous weekend picnic spot near the Rajmachi built by the Tangarli Dam along the Tangarli Lake.

7. Walk museum
India's first wax museum is located in Mumbai-Pune National Highway NH-4.



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