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Mahabaleshwar Top 6 Popular Place

Mahabaleshwar Top 6 Popular Places

Mahabaleshwar Top 6 Popular Places

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Mahabaleshwar has many breathtaking ideas, which can be used by the vehicle. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva, from where the name of Mahabaleshwar has been taken, is a major tourist attraction besides the old city and many straw areas. Five major points of interest are Panchgani (up to fifth position), historical Pratapgad Fort and Topolta's Backwaters.The KS Plateau, just 20 kilometers away from the city, is called "Valley of Flowers", which is for many flowers which bloom here in the monsoon.The detailed list of tourist attractions is as follows

1.Mahabaleshwar Darshan-1
The dates of place in Mahabesheshwar Darshan-1 are included.Old Mahabesheshwar, Panchganga Mandir, Lord Shiva Mandir, Ashar Seat, Window Point,Echo Point, Hunting Point, Tiger Spring, Castle Rock, Savitri Point, Monkey Point and Marjorie Point.

2.Mahabaleshwar Darshan-2
Mahabesheshwar Darshan-2 includes dates of place Cates Point, Sui Hole, Strawberry Gardens, Ladwick Point, Elephant Head and Sunset Point.

3.Panchgani Darshan
Panchgani Darshan includes of places.Parsi Point, Table land, Lingamal waterfall only Monsoon and Malas Jam Factory etc.

4. Pratapgadh Darshan

Pratapgarh Darshan contains include of the place. Pratapgad Fort, Bhawani Temple, Afzal Khan's Kahar and Pratap Garden etc.

5. Tapola Mini Kashmir
Tupola Mini Kashmir the great places and datails Topolo Damotor Sports, Triveni Sangam Bamnili Point and Shooting Point for Boating etc.

6. WAI and Panchgani Darshan

WAI and Panchgani Darshan spot date.Ganpati Temple Y, Kashi-Vishweshwar Temple, Sydney Point and Parsi Point etc.

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