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10 Night / 11 Days Chardham Tour Packages in Haridwar For Holiday Trip

10 Night / 11 Days Chardham Tour Packages in Haridwar For Holiday Trip

Modifled Tour Package Ititanery:

Day 01: Haridwar / Delhi Pickup

Meetings get together: Haridwar Railway Station, Board and Haridwar Hotel - There is a gateway to Chaudhary to continue in Haridwar. Ganga Aarti is appreciated on the Landing Register with the inn, every night in Pauri, later in the night preparing for the holy yatra, dinner and stay at the tavern.

Customs and activities: At the end of the journey at the end of the journey, unusual custom exercises like Ganga bath, havan, and aarti, yagna, sadhu service, arrangement, Brahman Bhojam are performed,

Discretionary: Go to Forest Range / Vindhavasana Forest Range / Khamar Village Life / White Water Rafting.
Chardham Tour Packages in Haridwar

Day 02: Haridwar - Barkot / Sayanychi (210 km / 07 hrs)

After leaving the breakfast for Barcot through Mussoorie, after the Kempty fall on the path, on the entry register with the inn, the rest is on the rest day. Dinner at the tavern in Barakot and staying overnight

No exercises. Achieve Barkot and have appropriate rest. Adjust your psyche and body to begin a trek to Yamnotri from Janaki Chatti. When you achieve Yamnotri.

Day 03: Barkot – Jankichatti – Yamunotri – Jankichatti – Barkot (38kms/2hrs drive and 5kms/3hrs by walking)

After breakfast continues to Yamunotri (38kms drive/2hrs and 05 km trek/3hrs one way), where one can cook rice by pressing it in a material and plunging it in the high temp water of the hot kund. Pioneers take this cooked rice home as "Prasad". Here close to the sanctuary "Pooja" can be offered to Divya Shila, subsequent to washing up in Jamunabai Kund's caution water and having "Darshan" of devout "Yamunaji". Later come back to Barkot for the overnight remain.

Ceremonies and Activities: Snan in Tapt Kund Yamnotri, Yamuna Pujan in Divya Shila, Yamunotri Temple Darshan, Hanuman Temple,

Discretionary: Participate in Pre Booked Aarti in Yamunotri Temple where you will get the upside of performing Aarti in your Name/Gotra.

Yamunotri: Yamunotri sanctuary is devoted to Goddess Yamuna. Yamunotri is the wellspring of worshipped waterway Yamuna which begins from the Champasar Glacier lying 1 km in front of the holy place arranged at a height of 3235 mts above ocean level. The approach is amazingly troublesome and explorers, in this way, offer Pooja at the sanctuary itself. Yamunotri was the home of an old sage Asit Muni. The Yamuna is the girl of the Sun simply like Yama who is viewed as his child. It is trusted that Yama would not torment any individual at the season of death who takes a heavenly plunge in the Yamuna, his sister.

Surya Kund: There are a Number of warm springs in the region of the sanctuary, which streams into various pools. The most essential of these is Surya Kund.

Divya Shila: A stone column, worshiped before entering the Yamunotri Temple.

Day 04: Barkot – Uttarakashi/Gangnani (140 Kms/07 hrs)

After breakfast leave for Uttarkashi visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple and drive to Gangnani. Night free for recreation and neighborhood attractions. Supper and overnight remain at Uttarkashi.

Uttarkashi - Uttarkashi is a little and excellent town, arranged between two waterways; Varuna and Ashi, whose water streams into the Bhagirathi from either side of the town. Lifted, at a statue of 1588 meters, this little town is fundamentally the same as Kashi and Varanasi, in that it has a similar sort of sanctuaries and ghats and in like manner, a north or 'Uttar' confronting the stream. The significant sanctuary is the Vishwanath Temple, committed to Lord Shiva. Two other essential sanctuaries are situated in the Chowk territory. These are the Annapurna Temple and the Bhairav Temple. It is stated, that once there were 365 sanctuaries here. Hiuen Tsang alluded to this place as Brahma Puran, while the Skanda Puran has recorded it as Varunavata. It is trusted that in the second thousand years of Kaliyug, Kashi will be submerged, and Uttarkashi will supplant it as an essential religious focus.

See Kashi Vishwanath, Uttarkashi + Adi Shakti Darshan Darshan (Mahishasura Mardini)

Functions and Activities: Find an opportunity to worship Abhishek in Kashi Vishwanath Temple. When Ganganani arrives on the journey of Parasar Muni Temple, appreciate the rain in the hot spring (tap kund).Your body will be totally casual after the tiring trek of Yamnotri.

Day 05: Uttarkashi/Gangnani - Gangotri – Harsil – Gangnani/Uttarkashi (120Kms/05 hrs) round trek

With pressed breakfast and post, Tea/Coffee leave for Gangotri at a young hour toward the beginning of the day. offering supplications and pooja darshan, later drive back to Gangnani, in transit visit Gangnani. Overnight remain at Gangnani.

Gangotri: Gangotri sanctuary is eighteenth Century sanctuary devoted to Goddess Ganga. It is situated close to a consecrated stone where ruler Bhagirath venerated Lord Shiva Ganga is accepted to have touched earth at this spot. In like manner, to another legend, Pandavas played out the colossal "Deva Yagna" here to a tone the demise of their family in the epic skirmish of Mahabharata. The sanctuary is an impeccable 20 ft. high structure made of white rock.

Gangnani: Further up on approach to Gangotri, is the heated water spring at Gangnani, where one can have a reviving shower in the kund called Rishikund. There is a sanctuary close to the kund committed to the Sage Parashar, accepted to be the father of Ved Vyas.

Custom and Function: On the Gangotri Ghat in Gangotri Ghat (VIP Ghat), Gangetic Pujan and Aarti, Darshan of Bhagirath Shila, Darshan of Gauri Ganesh Temple, Darshan of Gangotri Temple at the end, after this, you should have a Darshan of Sun Kund.

During the philosophy of Intelligence Mahadev Sanctuary in Dharlai, talk to people in Tibetan culture and Harsil.

Day 06: Uttarkashi - Sitapur (250 Kms/8-9 hrs)

Leave at a young hour toward the beginning of the day with pressed breakfast for the nearly day-lengthy drive to Rudraprayag. On your drive, you would go through Ganga offering an approach to Tehri Dam (The Hydro Electric Project). Overnight remain at the lodging at Rudraprayag.

Customs and Activities: Visit of Tehri Dam,, Rudraprayag and Sangam Darshan ( Merge of Alaknanda and Mandakini).

Day 07: Sitapur - Gaurikund - Kedarnath - eve back to - Sitapur(10 Km/1/2 hrs and 17 Km/6-7 hrs)

Post your first breakfast; Out of the vehicle for Gaurikund and connect with Kedarnath's 14km different pioneers for the train. On receiving Kedarnath, meet our representative in Kedarnath, our agent will lead you through these various high-level goals through various coordination. After darshan and puja in the Kedarnath temple at the inn for the return of night.

Kedarnath Temple: The present sanctuary worked in eighth Century A.D. by Adi Guru Shankaracharya lies nearby the site of an antiquated sanctuary worked by Pandavas. The sanctuary has a conelike lingam - the principal icon, a statue of Nandi - the heavenly bull, a 'Garba Grah' for venerate and a mandap for gatherings of pioneers and guests. The sanctuary is over 1000 years of age.

Shankaracharya Samadhi: The Samadhi of Adi Guru Shankaracharya is found simply behind the Kedarnath sanctuary. It is said that subsequent to setting up four sacrosanct Dhams in India, he went into his Samadhi at an early age of 32 years.

Bhaironath sanctuary: About a large portion of a kilometer far from Kedarnathji, a little sanctuary is devoted to Bhaironath. It is revered on the opening and shutting day of Sri Kedarnath Shrine. It is trusted that when Kedarnathji sanctuary is shut, Bhaironathji shields this land from insidious.

Ceremonies and Activities: Visit Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Snan in Tapt Kund at Gauri Kund and Darshan of Gauri Ganesh Temple and get a gift of Ganesha and begin the trek of Kedarnath Ji. Night Aarti Darshan of Kedarnath Ji, Darshan of Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Darshan of Udar Kund and Bambam Kund, Pitra Kund. The opportunity to meet Gurus and Sadhus contemplating for quite a while in Kedarnath. Darshan of Rama surrender (Gufa)

Day 08: Sitapur Halt. (Today entire day for rest)

Day 09: Sitapur - Badrinath (220 kms/07-08 hrs)

The morning after breakfast continues to Badrinath by means of Joshimath, (Narasimha Temple, Sankaracharaya Math) Badrinath. Night Darshan and Pooja at Badrinath sanctuary. Overnight remain at Badrinath.

Customs and Activities: Early Morning take a sacred dunk in Tapt Kund , Have again Darshan of Badri Vishal if time enables generally Important visit to Nag Nagin Pith (A compulsory place in India for Sarp yesterday's departure), Mane village's short journey (Vyas cave, Ganesh cave, Keshav Prayag, Darshan of Saraswati Udgam), Phase Paduka Darshan, short journey of Ekushi cave and Hanuman cave Vidro Prayag, When returning to Rudraprayag in the direction of Nandprayag, Karnprayag

Badrinath: In the two mountainous mountains of Nar and Narayan, the Cradle is the most sacred place of four major places of worship - alongside the Alaknanda on the left bank of Badrinath along with the Neelkantha peaks as a breathtaking background. Once was covered with 'bad' or wild bamboo and thus was famous as Badri Van. Legend is that when the Ganga was asked to go out on earth to help make mankind permanent; The earth had the right to face the power of its deficiency, thus strong Ganges was part of the blessed channels. Alaknanda was one of those who later became Lord Vishnu or Badrinath's place of residence.

Narad Kund: A break in the stream, close Tapt Kund, framing a pool from where the Badrinath symbol was recouped.

Brahama Kapal: It is a level stage a couple of yards north of the sanctuary and on the bank of stream Alaknanda. It is an essential place for shradh function or offering of pounds to guarantee a sublime place for dead progenitors or manes. It is said that offering finds here, the manes are forever revered in paradise and no more agonies are to be done somewhere else ever a while later. Legends have it that when Shiva hacked off the fifth head of Brahma, it stalled out to his trident. Finally with the gift of Lord Vishnu at Badrivan, the head of Brahma tumbled down from the trident at this place and consequently the name Brahma-Kapal (head).

Sheshnetra: It is an expansive square of stone between tow little regular lakes conveying an eye of "Sheshnag" The eye development is very characteristic, 1.5kms. away is a rock having an impression of the unbelievable serpent, otherwise called the Sheshnag's eye, it is trusted that the seshnag holds up at this place calmly to go with the master on his rebirth.

Mana Village: Inhabited by an Indo-Mongolian clan, it is the last Indian town before Tibet. The ladies of the town offer Choli to the god on shutting day of the sanctuary every year.

Bhim Pul: On the opposite side of Mana town, a gigantic shake shaping a characteristic extension, lies over the thundering Saraswati stream. It exhibits a dynamite perspective of dilute thundering through the limited entry under the stone and is accepted to have been set there by Bhim, the second eldest among the five Pandava siblings.

Vyas Gufa (give in): Near Mana Village, this is a stone give in where Ved Vyas is accepted to have made the Mahabharata and the pauranic critiques.

Day 10: Badrinath – Haridwar (325 kms/07-08hrs)

The morning after breakfast Drive to Haridwar enroute going to Vishnuprayag, Karnprayag, Nandprayag, Rishikesh overnight remain at Haridwar.

Vishnuprayag where two stream intersections Dhauli Ganga and Alaknanda

Karnprayag (juncture of waterway Pindari and stream Alaknanda)

Nandprayag (juncture of waterway Nandakini and Alaknanda River)

Customs and Activities: Joshimath, Narshimha Temple, Pandukeshwar Udhav Mandir (Also Called Yog Dhyan Badri), Vridh Badri...

Day 11: Dropping at Haridwar/Delhi Railway Station.

Morning after breakfast, drive for the well known of "MAA CHANDI" "CHANDI DEVI MANDIR" which is only 7kms from the fundamental hardware city, after darshan back for lunch and no more prevalent eatery of Haridwar "HOSIYARPURI" after lunch when you walk only 10minutes there you got the "Ropeway" for "MAA MANSA DEVI MANDIR", later drop at Haridwar /Delhi Railway Station.

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