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Thailand Tour Package In Just 18 Thousand

Thailand Tour Package In Just 18 Thousand

Is it right for you to think that we are going to give you information on purchasing Thailand package in 18 thousand? But it can not be done according to our calculations. For us, Thailand Holiday Package means flight tickets, Thailand visa, 3 or 4 days stay in a good hotel, walking around, watching Alkaraz show, going to Pattaya and Bangkok, guide or assistant, etc. and in 18 thousand All is not possible in any condition La Vacanza Travel Team There are many people who have been doing good tours for Indian tourists / families in Thailand for the last 15 years, even the corporation There are groups of taxpayers (whose size ranges from 20 passenger to 1000 passenger) but till now in the last 15 years, never went to 18 thousand!

Thailand Tour Package
Thailand Tour Package
But our intention is absolutely clear. We want to send you to Thailand, we want you to call us or come to our office, thinking that the cheapest package offers only La Vacanza Travel (we are very good people, everything else There are robbers ... .. just go anywhere ...). Maybe this is the thought behind the AIDS which we see daily in the morning news paper, whose travel sections are appearing to you, at least 50 ed In which you will get Thailand travel package from 18 thousand to 22 thousand These aids will provide moisture-rich travel companies and small or other specialist companies. Do not mind all this is the way to make you want to, just get one more opportunity to talk to you, then you will understand.

Bangkok Temple
Thailand Tour Package

Then what is the truth:

The truth is very simple. It is just a matter of your understanding. Buying a travel package, you buy a non-service product (like a mobile phone). Buying a product, you see it in front, but after buying and using the services, you understand, you have already paid the money. If you are planning to go to Thailand, then you have to understand that the components of your packages are the most important, that you do not make the mistake of leaving a component (Remember that the services you should have to pay for a long time)

Bangkok Temple
Thailand Tour Package

What is the Component of the package:

Let's take a precedent for a package that is 4 nights and 5 days and (all inclusive package), we will understand this in such a way that the package means that all those essential things are needed in Thailand's package.

=> Air ticket with full texage
=> Visa required for Thailand (You can also take from here and Visa on Arrival is also available in Thailand)
=> Medical Insurance
=> 02 nights stay with breakfast at Pattaya Hotel
=> 02 nights stay with Breakfast at Bangkok Hotel
=> Tour of Coral Island in Pattaya
=> Alcazar show in Pattaya
=> City and Temple Tour in Bangkok
=> Safari World Tour in Bangkok
=> Transfers from airport to Pattaya, Pattaya to Bangkok and Bangkok to Bangkok.
Guide or assistant

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