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Introduction to Suzhou Unique New Material Sci.,&Tech. Co.,Ltd

Suzhou Unique New Material Sci.&Tech. Co., Ltd. (UNM) is located in Suzhou city, one of the most beautiful garden city in China. With a plant area more than 8000, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of fluorine material (PTFE) microporous membrane. The company has more than ten years of R&D experience, and has won a number of national patent certificates. We are committed to providing high-efficiency purification and filtration materials, as well as meeting or exceeding customized requirements of customers from different industries.

The company has a number of automatic production lines and 100,000 class dust-free workshop. It adopts advanced testing instruments and uses the ISO9001 quality management system to standardize enterprise management and improve product quality. The company pays attention to the introduction of talents. It has cooperated with many universities in industry-academia-research, and continuously upgraded the technical and quality, as well as made many new breakthroughs in product development of PTFE Membrane.

Our companys microporous PTFE membrane, PTFE composite filtration material and more related derivative products are used for air purification and filtration, medical and food filtration, clean room filtration, industrial dust filtration, electronic waterproof ventilation, clothing fabrics, ect. We constantly enhance our PTFE product performance with innovative filtration technology.

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