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Textile fabrics

The UNM is widely used. It is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, firefighters and police forces in amateur athletes to adventurers in the most extreme climates. UNM can also provide comfort, durability and most importantly protection in gloves and footwear to flame-retardant outerwear.

PTFE micro-porous membrane has excellent hydrophobic properties and micron aperture, which makes it has excellent waterproof performance and good permeability. Therefore, when used for clothing fabrics, not only can effectively isolate rain infiltration, but also can timely eliminate the water evaporating from the human body and keep comfortable.

A large number of fitting experiences show that when the permeability exceeds 30mm/s, the windproof performance is lost, while the permeability of the film under grade 10 wind pressure is 28.85mm/s, still not more than 30mm/s, so the film has excellent windproof performance.

Application case

Ski climbing suit

Helps to keep warm and comfortable; Windproof coating to keep the body warm and prevent frostbite; Waterproof design to prevent moisture accumulation and keep warm; Helps keep it cool and dry.

Anti-static clothing

Provides anti-static fabrics for highly flammable environments. Workers can work peacefully with UNM new materials, as electrostatic discharge sparks do not penetrate the protective sealing membrane of the uniform.

Outdoor tent

Helps to keep warm and comfortable; Windproof coating to keep the body warm and prevent frostbite; Waterproof design to prevent moisture build-up and keep warm.

Fire clothing

It can prevent fire burning by using of UNM new materials. Fireproof clothing is mainly used for fire fighting armed police, forest administrators, etc.

High porosity

Low porosity



Continuous length

No bubble free

No particles

High-temperature resistance

Low-temperature resistance

Easy to process forming


High-specific surface area

Chemical inertia

Low friction coefficient

High additional load capacity

UV-ray resistance

Not Inflammable

Sound transmission

ePTFE property
ePTFE Performance Features


Thermal conductivity

Catalytic activity

Chemical activity

Adsorption properties

Magnetization activity

Antibacterial function

Odor absorption

Radiation resistance

Reflectivity Rate

Selective penetration capacity

Transparency / Opacity

Dimension-based stability

Hardness and stiffness various

Low / high surface energy

Low / high wear resistance

Impermeable barrier performance

Control of the fluid delivery

High dielectric constant

Low dielectric constant

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