R & D and manufacturer of PTFE membrane materials
Design scheme provider of efficient separation and filtration materials

Filtration & Separation

UNM can provide filtration and ventilation products for the automotive industry, mobile phone industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

Our filtration products help manufacturers separate harmful substances from beneficial ones. The filtration technology efficiently and reliably separates impurities and other hazardous substances from drastically reducing industrial emissions to processing ultrapure chemicals and water for microelectronics manufacturing.

Our filtration products are used in a wide range of applications, including mobile phone handsets, electronic enclosures, power plants, disk-drive filters, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, pulp and paper, metal processing and chlor-alkali applications.

Application case

Liquid medicine filtration

The unique new material is often used in the pharmaceutical industry in aseptic API, liquid sterilization and other filtration applications.

Electronic product filtering

EPTFE micro-porous film has excellent waterproof and breathable performance. In the application of lamps and mobile phones, it can not only effectively block the entry of dust and rain, but also keep the internal and external pressure consistent.

Beverage filtration

Application case: It is often used for filtering liquor, beverage, wine, fruit wine and beer in food industry.

Pulp Filtration

It’s Commonly used for pulp filtration in paper production.

High porosity

Low porosity



Continuous length

No bubble free

No particles

High-temperature resistance

Low-temperature resistance

Easy to process forming


High-specific surface area

Chemical inertia

Low friction coefficient

High additional load capacity

UV-ray resistance

Not Inflammable

Sound transmission

ePTFE property
ePTFE Performance Features


Thermal conductivity

Catalytic activity

Chemical activity

Adsorption properties

Magnetization activity

Antibacterial function

Odor absorption

Radiation resistance

Reflectivity Rate

Selective penetration capacity

Transparency / Opacity

Dimension-based stability

Hardness and stiffness various

Low / high surface energy

Low / high wear resistance

Impermeable barrier performance

Control of the fluid delivery

High dielectric constant

Low dielectric constant

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