R & D and manufacturer of PTFE membrane materials
Design scheme provider of efficient separation and filtration materials

Fluoropolymer Fibers

The unique new material has high toughness and low shrinkage. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and resist corrosive chemicals.

It also has high wear resistance and wear resistance. By acting as a durable medium between materials, the fibers reduce friction and the high temperatures that are often caused by friction, and ultimately extend the life of items.

Application case

Suitable for all kinds of rope manufacturing

Outdoor fabric

Suitable for all kinds of outdoor fabric, has windproof, fireproof, breathable and other properties.

Filter bag

High temperature polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) filter bag

Special rope

Such as elevator rope, lifting equipment rope, aerial rope, submarine rope, etc., with fire, wear resistance, waterproof, with ultra high weight and other characteristics.

High porosity

Low porosity



Continuous length

No bubble free

No particles

High-temperature resistance

Low-temperature resistance

Easy to process forming


High-specific surface area

Chemical inertia

Low friction coefficient

High additional load capacity

UV-ray resistance

Not Inflammable

Sound transmission

ePTFE property
ePTFE Performance Features


Thermal conductivity

Catalytic activity

Chemical activity

Adsorption properties

Magnetization activity

Antibacterial function

Odor absorption

Radiation resistance

Reflectivity Rate

Selective penetration capacity

Transparency / Opacity

Dimension-based stability

Hardness and stiffness various

Low / high surface energy

Low / high wear resistance

Impermeable barrier performance

Control of the fluid delivery

High dielectric constant

Low dielectric constant

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