R & D and manufacturer of PTFE membrane materials
Design scheme provider of efficient separation and filtration materials

ePTFE Air Filttration Membrance

ePTFE Bubble Point Filtration Membrane

ePTFE gray tape filter membrane

ePTFE clothing fabric

ePTFE Customized Membrane

ePTFE Bubble Point Composite Filter Media

ePTFE Composite Media for Vacuum Cleaner Filters

ePTFE Composite Media for Industrial Dust Removal

ePTFE high efficiency composite filter media

ePTFE Nano-Mask Composite Filter Media

PET Dry-Laid Non-woven Fabric

PP Dry-Laid Non-woven Fabric

PET Wet-Laid Non-woven Fabric

PP-PE Two-Component Wet-Laid Non-woven Fabric

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Suzhou Unique New material Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
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