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PTFE microporous membrane manufacturer Suzhou UNM

Issuing time:2022-04-22 15:21

In recent years, PTFE is very popular with everyone, because this material has excellent air permeability, hydrophobicity and other characteristics of general filter materials, so it can be described as the leader of filter materials. In order to understand this material well, let's go into the manufacturer of UNM PTFE microporous membrane.


Due to the large number of micropores in PTFE film produced by PTFE microporous film manufacturer, the relative density of PTFE film is significantly reduced. Generally, the relative density of PTFE} products is about 2.15, while the relative density of expanded PTFE products can be less than 0.1, which means that the porosity reaches about 96%. Due to a large number of micropores, ePTFE has new functions without losing its original excellent performance, namely separation function, flexibility, elasticity and sealing.

Suzhou UNM New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing and developing expanded ePTFE micro porous membrane and composite materials. The products are suitable for air purification and filtration, food and beverage filtration, clean room filtration, industrial dust removal and filtration, electronic product protection, clothing surface materials and other fields. Since its establishment, UNM has been adhering to the concept of contributing to human health and social environment and making efforts for clear water and blue sky.

The PTFE materials produced by UNM PTFE microporous membrane manufacturer are imported raw materials, with a full set of advanced production equipment, advanced production equipment, advanced clean room and independent composite cutting workshop, which ensure the production quality of PTFE membrane; The production test instrument imported from the United States is used to test the quality of PTFE film, and has passed the international SGS test certification and ISI test certification. Interested parties can enter UNM store and contact us.

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