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Advantages of UNM PTFE filter paper

Issuing time:2022-04-22 15:21

With the increasingly stringent requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction in China, the traditional esp in many industrial fields can no longer meet the new national emission standards. In order to solve this problem, people have developed and produced PTFE filter paper.


General dust collector bags rely on establishing a primary dust layer on the surface of the filter material for filtration, which is characterized by long useful filtration time, large resistance and low efficiency. The interception effect is poor, the energy consumption is large, the filtration back blowing pressure is high, the ash cleaning is frequent, the energy consumption is high, and the service life is short. However, with the use of PTFE filter paper, the dust can not penetrate into the filter material, but is filtered on the surface. Regardless of the thickness of the dust, all the dust is deposited on the surface, that is, the filtered material is intercepted by the pore diameter of the membrane itself, there is no initial filtration period, the filtration effect is good, and the useful period is long.

The rated air volume of the filter is the maximum air volume that the filter can pass through, which depends on the area of the filter material (not the area of the filter, and the area of the filter material is often dozens of times of the windward area of the filter). If the air velocity passing through the filter material is the same, the area of the filter material is large, and the air volume passing through is also large. At present, the rated air volume of the filter with the same structure depends on the size of the filter.

The polytetrafluoroethylene filter paper produced by UNM has strong hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, water resistance and low wind resistance, and can obtain high dust removal efficiency. For some very small particles with a diameter of 0.1um-0.3um, the filtration grade can reach h13-u16. In addition, biaxially stretched membrane can undoubtedly achieve ultra-low emission for intercepting all kinds of dust produced in the production process of enterprises, and fully meet the current environmental protection standards. Interested parties can enter UNM store for consultation and purchase!

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